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How Counseling or Coaching with Tim Fredrickson has helped me:

"Sometimes the thought of talking to a therapist can make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable.  When I finally made the decision to seek counseling, I was so blessed to find Tim.  Tim made me feel at ease the first time I met him.   He was extremely focused on me and the specific issues I was experiencing.  He even gave me weekly “assignments” to help me and made sure to follow up with me each session to check my progress.  He never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed during what was an extremely stressful period in my life. "

"Tim gave me the tools to find the path to inner healing, and I have never been happier.  I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs someone to listen, to understand, and to facilitate the process of finding peace.  Thank you Tim~ "


"When I first began the therapy process with Tim, I was very skeptical.  I was severely depressed and fearful, certain that no one or nothing could ever help me.  Thankfully I was wrong.  With patience and compassion, Tim helped me work through past abuse as well as drug and alcohol dependency.  Tim taught me how to use EFT as a tool for coping.  I have learned how to have healthy boundaries, which is very freeing for me.  Having a kind, perceptive, non-judgemental person to talk to about my feelings has helped me tremendously.  I now have a newfound respect for my life, and know that God's love is unconditional.  Through God's grace therapy saved my life.  Thank you Tim for your guidance and support, and most importantly for giving me a safe place to talk."


"For years I planned to live a healther life by eating right, nutrition, exercise, and rest.  Many reasons (excuses) kept this from happening.  Time was my biggest reason for not taking care of my body.  This changed as my wife began to become more informed about eating, nutrition, and exercise.  The information had her very excited and I was ready to make changes.   We connected with Tim Fredrickson and discussed the changes we wanted to make.  Tim helped us put together a  plan, establish goals, helped give accountability, encouragement, and a helping hand.  Both my wife and I experienced drastic changes.  During the next few months and weekly meeting with Tim, we lost a combined 65 pounds, saw lean muscle mass developed, more energy, and even comments on our skin.  Having a weekly time of encouragement and accountability was the difference.  I wholeheartedly recommend participating in a meeting like this with Tim Fredrickson."



“When I first began seeing Tim for counseling, I was having difficulty dealing with my high stress life, not to mention family and marital problems as well. At first I found it such a release just to talk and talk and talk and get it all off of my chest! It was nice to talk to someone impartial that I could trust. He then started encouraging me to start loving and accepting myself in spite of past mistakes and flaws. Once we worked through what was causing my anxiety which was leading to Physical problems, He then gave me tools to help me cope. My life is still stressful, I still have family issues I deal with daily, but I now feel more stable and equipped to face it. I’ve learned that I can’t Control my life, I can only do my best and let God handle the rest.”     



“I have gained a sense of assertiveness, the ability to take a stand on issues of importance without guilt or shame. I have gained respect for my life experiences and think that I am worthy and able in contributing to resolutions. I have gained a sense of security about my life path, believing that God, through Christ, has a purpose for my life as well as any other life committed to His Glory.”    



“It helped tremendously to have a caring, qualified individual listen to me and help me work out problems. It was reassuring that Tim was open-minded, honest and compassionate.”

“Tim, Thank you for seeing me through a very tough time!”




“Understanding what codependency is and how it affects our lives, Helped me understand that people care for us even when we feel lonely."

"Gather an understanding of myself and understanding how your childhood experiences shape us to who we are today. Tim helped me understand and experience happiness from within and being thankful for the blessings I have, and be content. It may seem like a long journey but I learned so much about myself."

"Thank you so much Tim!”                                            S.M.


Fredrickson Counseling  &   Coaching    1639 N. Alpine Rd. Suite 403    Rockford, IL. 61107

Call:  815-494-6785   Email:  talk@fredricksoncounseling.com


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