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Weight Loss Coaching

Call:  815-494-6785

Email:  talk@fredricksoncounseling.com


Lose Weight Fast

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Feel Good about yourself

Try the Body Balance System and see the pounds wash away!!!!

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Imagine yourself thin and trim and liking yourself again.  You can have this for yourself.  Work with Tim Fredrickson and he will tell you about this amazing system that helps in 4 important ways:

1. Cleanse yourself from the inside out!

2. Take the "Burn" and increase your metabolism for maximum caloric buring !

3.  Drink your delicious meal replacement Vanilla and Chocolate 2x/day !

4.  Drink "Reave Up" and feel the cravings disapear and the energy soar!

Tim will coach you weekly to support what you are doing and to help with the emotional issues usually attached to our eating.

Call for your  Free 15 minute Assessment   815-494-6785

Fredrickson Counseling  &   Coaching    1639 N. Alpine Rd. Suite 403    Rockford, IL. 61107

Call:  815-494-6785   Email:  talk@fredricksoncounseling.com


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