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 Insight Counseling Group     Ph. (815) 229-7102  www.insightcounseling.us
 Shepherd's Guide     Ph. (815) 282-0909  www.shepherdsguide.com
 Rockford Illinois Guide   


 Janet Wattles Center       Ph. (815) 968-9300  www.janetwattles.org
 Lydia Counseling Center       Ph. (815) 965-3447  










Local Groups and Addictions Resources

Reformers Unanimous Groups, Rockford, IL    Ph. (815) 877-6021 or (815) 986-0460      www.reformu.com/churches.htm

            Christian outreach ministry for persons with addictions to alcohol, drugs, or food.

            Free transportation provided to meetings. Free child care available.

            Free support groups and beginners materials. Meetings at North Love Baptist Church, 5301 E. Riverside  Rockford, IL


AA Groups  Ph. (815) 968-0333   www.contactconnects.com


Rosecrance Treatment Center  Ph. (815) 391-1000  www.rosecrance.org

Cocaine Anonymous Support Groups            Rockford, IL       Ph.   (815) 963-5022
            Provides support and information for people seeking to break the addiction to cocaine.

Narcotics Anonymous & NAR-ANON      Rockford, IL      Ph. (815) 964-5959
Substance Abuse Support Group / Veterans / Vet Ctr. Outstation            Rockford,  IL    Ph. (815) 395-1276
            Proves support for veterans dealing with substance abuse. Fulfills court requirements.

Teen Drug Abuse Support Group / Victory Outreach            Rockford, IL        Ph. (815) 961-8583
            Provides frank discussion, accurate information, and support related to substance abuse.
Joseph’s Walk   Men wanting to walk in sexual purity. www.josephswalk.com
      Ph. (815) 540-4485
333 E. State Street        Rockford,  IL 61104
SA Groups  Ph. (815) 231-2457
Anger Alternatives  Ph. (815) 877-8372    www.uic.edu/orgs/convening/IB.htm

            Hope Church   Tuesday Evenings  7-9pm
Emotions Anonymous  Ph. (815) 397-0933   http://www.rockfordlink.com/supportgroups.htm

National Christian Resources

Meier Clinics      Ph. 1-888-725-4642    www.meierclinics.com

            Day Hospital   Ph. 630-653-1717   www.meierclinics.com

New Life Ministries  Ph. 800-NEW-LIFE  www.newlife.com

Focus on the Family   (800) A-FAMILY (232-6459).   http://www.family.org/

National Mental Health Resources
National Mental Health Association   www.nmha.org
Depression   www.webmd.com/diseases_and_conditions/depression.htm
 Anxiety   www.anxiety-and-depression-solutions.com
ADD/ADHD      www.chadd.org



Holistic Health Resources




Fredrickson Counseling  &   Coaching    1639 N. Alpine Rd. Suite 403    Rockford, IL. 61107


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