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August 2009 Newsletter


"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
-Christian Friedrich Hebbel, German Dramatist & Poet, 1813-1863

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You may have recently seen media coverage of citizens at town hall meetings across the country standing up and passionately sharing their opinions regarding the public healthcare debate. Some of the media has described this recent phenomenon as, "America awakening from its apathy". This newsletter is not politically motivated; rather, it speaks of a vital human emotion. The emotion I am referring to is passion, and the importance it holds in our lives and for our well-being.

The opposite of passion is apathy. Apathy is a lack of interest or enthusiasm - a basic indifference to things of general importance. Therefore, if one feels apathetic, you could say they have an "I don't care about anything" outlook. Becoming apathetic is dangerous, as it involves the gradual shutting down of one's will. It can feel like the soul falling asleep at night and not waking up again. Apathy is putting on the brakes of life.

When we become apathetic we lose our desire to initiate our enthusiasm and to protect our own interests. Apathy also causes us to stop dreaming, desiring and working toward things we want and desire for ourselves. What makes apathy dangerous is that it can spread to many areas of our life, such as work, school, relationships and our health.

As a counselor, I see apathy a lot. I see it in individuals who have been unsuccessful in finding employment. I see it in young people whose parents frequently criticize them instead of affirming their successes. I see it in students whose teachers tell them they will never amount to anything or they are stupid. These examples all illustrate how the consistent wounding of the heart or ego can eventually lead to people feeling apathetic.

  1. What does it matter?
  2. Why should I even try?
  3. No one really cares anyway.
  4. I don't care about anything.

Recognizing the warning signs of apathy is crucial, as these examples of internal dialogue can begin to slow you down and take away your motivation in life.

If you have apathy, don't be discouraged... you can get your passion for life back! Passion is turning on the accelerator. You can be the person you used to be. There is hope and there is help - you don't have to do it alone. Counseling can help you bring the fun and interest back into your life again -- it can reignite your passions!

In order for the counseling process to work, please consider agreeing to work on these essential requirements:

  1. You would be open and willing to talk to a health care professional about what brought you to this negative place;
  2. You would be willing to accept professional feedback even if it is not what you want to hear; and
  3. You would be open to counseling for several sessions.

One of the great rewards of my job is when I "see the lights come on" for my patients. Many times when people first come to see me, they feel like life is a drag. In reality, they are depressed and apathetic. But time and time again, I have seen counseling turn this view point around. Learning how to care about our personal lives, families, communities and our life's work is how God intended us to live.

How would you like to be "that person who is passionate about life"? See how a trained health professional can help guide you back on the path toward making you feel good about your life again. If you would like to find out how to reignite your passions and enjoy your life to the fullest, please contact me. Together, we can talk about how counseling or life coaching can benefit you.

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