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Counseling Process

Initial Assessment:  The initial assessment has 3 components to it. 

  • Develop a rapport with the individual or couple coming to counseling.
  • Evaluate the nature of the problem or issues that prompted the individual or couple to come for counseling.
  • Discuss possible goal or alternatives to working on the solution to the presenting problem


Individual Therapy

      Types or Forms of therapy:

      Rogerian:   This is where the counselor tries to reflect back what the person is saying with empathy an positive regard.

      Cognitive Behavioral:  This type of therapy takes the persons thoughts and behaviors and tries to change the what the person is is telling himself in order to change his behaviors.


       EFT:  Emotional Freedom Therapy. This type of therapy is considered to be in the energy field.  It uses a technique of the person tapping the meridian points in order to relieve the emotional congestion.  Gary Craig teaches, " all emotional problems are a cause of disruption of a person's own energy field."   For some people this type of therapy can bring about immediate relief from anxiety, emotional pain, stress and addictions.  Learn more about  relatively new type of treatment.  Learn more at www.emofree.com

        Solution Focused:  This type of therapy takes a look at what the "end results" would look like and begins the process of finding the shortest, and best way to get there.  Goals are discussed and written down, and the individual is responsible for following through on their assignments.

         Spiritual  or Christian Counseling:  Here the individual expresses a need to work on their spirituality.  We discuss what it is that they would like to see different   and the way in which they see God working out those things in their life.   Prayer may be used in and out of sessions as well as Bible reading and meditation.   It may be helpful for the person to identify the things in their life that may be keeping them from developing  a closer  walk with God or sense of spiritual completeness or peace. 



Couples or Marital Therapy

 Couples/Marital Therapy:  This is a process of determining how each is perceiving the problem and finding the best way of helping each partner achieve their goals in the relationship. Typically the couple works on their communication skills in order to clarify their words and bring an understanding to their behaviors.  Many times it is helpful to have a mediator to interpret and clarify things for each person in order to assist the communication process.  If the relationship is too conflicted it may be necessary to work on some individual issues with each person before the couple is brought back to work on their relationship together in therapy.


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